El Pino & The Volunteers - There's no cure for Stupidity

Music video for EPTV

Directed by Herrjaapmans
Produced by Bo Polak for Das Publikum & sik-bits.com
DOP: Diderik Evers

Finally: the video is online


Trailer is now online:

WOW! We made it. The shoot went fine and the material looks very very freaky. Like a 3d rendered world come true. I'm sure editing will be fine now.

Did all the Letters today.... Am done for today, now sleep en shoot...

Was controlling the computer driven laser cutter right today!. It's amazing. You have to wear sunglasses and all.
Thanks to the waag and fablab.

Shoot cancelled because the TAX-funds granted us money to make it bigger balder and better! Nice!

Preparations for a Music Video for "El Pino & The Volunteers"

Shooting next weekend.
Preparations in progress.

Stills by Lonneke Worm & Jan Moeskops / Myself