MonoKino - New Kid

The new musicvideo for the band Monokino - New Kid.

Produced by Das Publikum & Sik Bits.
Directed by Erik Alkema.
DOP: Lonneke Worm

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Das Publikum proudly presents the music video of Monokino’s ‘New Kid’, and welcomes you to the unique and wayward universe of director and scriptwriter Erik Alkema.

New Kid, from the critically acclaimed album Human Error, is released by Konkurrent/My First Sonny Weissmuller in Benelux countries and by China’s largest independent record label Modern Sky in China.

The catchy electronic rock track is now visualized by Amsterdam based artist Erik Alkema who designed all featured puppet characters. Shot by camerawoman Lonneke Worm, they take the stage in the form of a procession for an adolescent in his big bubble of unlimited possibilities. We follow a parade traveling through the Dutch polder-land where they meet, and are obstructed by the world.

Erik Alkema is a multi-media artist who showed his autonomous works in different exhibitions. He used to be one of the organizers of the successful hipster-party Multisexi in Studio 80 in Amsterdam, for which he also made the video-visuals and created puppet-performances. His first documentary film will be premiering in January 2011.

Amsterdam based band Monokino brings together the artistic visions of George van Wetering, song writer, lead vocals, guitar; Yu Jin (formerly of Cobra, first all-women rock band in Beijing) on keyboard and synthesizer, and electronic drummer Wouter de Buck. Monokino is touring extensively across China, Holland and the USA.

Monokino’s New Kid has been spiced up in a rather kitschy way with a combination of melodious high pitched vocals, static keyboard, rock guitar and electronic segments. In the course of a minute, you may hear Soft Cell, New Order, Kraftwerk, Associates, Cabaret Voltaire and Freur. There’s a good line in angry guitar too, nodding a bit to Hook & Albrecht. Producer Tony Visconti mixed the acoustic version of the song, sang by American singer, songwriter Kristeen Young.

The video was produced by Jaap Hermans of Das Publikum, the director of recent music video’s by El Pino and the Volunteers and Schradinova.