El Pino & The Volunteers feat. Janne Schra - Not Jealous

Music video for EPTV

Directed by Herrjaapmans
Concept: Johan Kramer
DOP: Lonneke Worm

The video is online:

Not Jealous' is the second single from 'The Long-lost Art of Becoming Invisible', El Pino & the Volunteers' second album released on Excelsior Recordings in November 2009. The duet was written and sung by David Pino and Janne Schra. An entirely different version was included earlier on the album 'Mmm ... Gumbo?' by Room Eleven. The video was directed by Jaap Hermans, following a concept by Johan Kramer and David Pino. It contains 8mm footage, filmed by Pino and Schra during a trip to Vancouver Island, Canada. El Pino & the Volunteers are currently on tour throughout the Netherlands.

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We're working on a video for the new song of EPTV titled "Not Jealous". A duet written and sung by Janne Schra & David Pino.

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Stills & video shot by Lonneke Worm